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Agnieszka, Wojtek i Kryśka z CroLove

We are a young couple from Lublin. Wojtek works in SEO, Aga is a doctor. From November 2018 our daughter – Christina travels with us.


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The seed of love for Crotia has been planted in us by Wojtek’s sister who was visiting those parts of the world right after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Fascinated with stories of chirping cicadas, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, and wonderful views from the Biokovo mountain range, we decided to see all of this ourselves. And it paid off, we wouldn’t exchange Crotia for any other country, although the first time we went there, she greeted us with rain.

Our first visit to Croatia was completely spontaneous, no planning, no set destinations. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to go to Dalmatia.

When we were done exploring every corner of Dalmatia, we would go up, towards Istria and Slavonia.

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We travel with a tent, making us more mobile. For example, we can spend a couple of days in Dubrovnik and then move towards Split. Our recent journeys are different from the first ones. Nowadays, we choose two or three main places we want to visit, and then read on them as much as possible. But we travel not only with a tent – more and more often we decide to go by plane.


Our friends often ask us what is that we see in Croatia, why we want to go only there and not travel the world. The answer is always the same. You don’t have to see the whole world to find that one, special place. Some people want to go around the world, some people want to visit only Asia. We have our Croatia and that’s that! It is a place we don’t want to return from, a place where we don’t miss home. Will it become our new home in a couple of years? Who knows…

Our interview for The Times of Dubrovnik, where we mention about a house near Dubrovnik.


Golden Pen – Top Journalist Award

In April 2016, we were awarded the GRAND PRIX Golden Pen Top Journalist Award “Zlatna Penkala”, given to journalists and bloggers from all over the world by the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Crotian Minister of Tourism. From among thousands of articles and stories published in Poland in 2015, the Croatian National Tourist Board awarded us for articles about Croatia published on our blog.

It is a great accomplishment and honour for us to be standing among such people as Robert Makłowicz, Agnieszka Cegielska, Tomasz Zubilewicz, Piotr Bikont, Andrzej Lisowski and Elżbieta Lisowska, Monika Witkowska, Olga Dębicka, and Anna and Krzysztof Kobus – winners from previous years.

Golden Pen Award

Thanks for promotion od Croatia in 2020

On October 23, at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Warsaw, we received from the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Poland, Tomislav Vidoševic and the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Representation in Poland, Agnieszka Puszczewicz, commemorative thanks for cooperation and support in the promotion of Croatian tourism in Poland in 2020.

Podziękowania dla CroLove za współpracę i wsparcie w promocji chorwackiej turystyki w Polsce w 2020 roku

Travelers 2020 National Geographic. Special award

During the 15th edition of the Travelery competition, organized by National Geographic, we received a special distinction in the Bloger Friend of Croatia category, which was awarded by the jury of this year’s Traveler’s partner – the Croatian Tourist Board representation in Poland.

It is an extremely great and important distinction for us. We all remember the 2020 season perfectly and the problems we all faced. We tried our best so that each of you could reach Croatia and be able to rest there and get to know Croatia better.

Travelery National Geographic

Golden Pen – Top Journalist Award 2021

In June 2021. we have once again won the Top Journalist Award „Zlatna Penkala”, awarded to journalists and bloggers from all over the world by the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Minister of Tourism. Out of several thousand articles and reportages published in Poland in 2020, the Croatian Tourist Association awarded us for articles about Croatia published in the blog.

There is already a second such great distinction for our work. Zlatna Penkala 2021, despite the fact that it is not a GRAND PRIX, is much more important to us, because it was awarded for 2020 – a year which, as we all remember well, gave a hard time, not only to us but also to foreign tourism.

Zlatna Penkala 2021


As far as our blog goes, we slowly start to fulfil ourselves in it. We do something not only for ourselves, but also for other people. With small steps, it turns from a diary into a guidebook. Thanks to it, we have helped many people e.g. decide to go to Crotia for the first time.

Since the blog started in August 2012 (until the end of may 2021), we’ve been visited by over 5.277.000 unique users, we’ve had over 13.892.000 pageviews and over 7.923.000 sessions. All of this gives us a boost of positive energy and motivates us to continue sharing our experiences of this wonderful country.

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Data from Google Analytics during the COVID-19 pandemic for the period 01.07 – 31.07.2019


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